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  • The Truth never Changes!! Only Lies Do! Year after Year!
  • Well I can tell you for Alb you know zero!
    in Weekend RvR Comment by Rye February 2019
  • I am not defensive at all. Just making a point that you have zero information as to why these BG leaders were not in game and if they are not going to lead BGs anymore. Its misinformation and that is how rumors and BS get started.
    in Weekend RvR Comment by Rye February 2019
  • What I believe was the intent of the post was that if there wasn't an Alb or Mid BG and there was a Hero BG at US Primetime, then Beetleguisse will run one so that there is a chance of a 3-way battle. If that is the case, he should have made that…
    in Weekend RvR Comment by Rye February 2019
  • Rescu and Xyorman do not appear to be leading a BG during US prime on the weekends anymore. That my friend is an assumption! You did not have all or any information concerning why Rescu wasn't on and by the sound of it Xyorman as well. Again RL h…
    in Weekend RvR Comment by Rye February 2019
  • You should talk to Rescu himself and find out why he wasn't on this week end before you make assumptions. You know what happens when you assume... RL happens from time to time.
    in Weekend RvR Comment by Rye February 2019
  • @Carol_Broadsword Please close. This is a personal issue between Broadsword and nate. Other posts with actual meaning have been closed way to early and this garbage is still going.
  • Right now, I would much rather have Broadsword focus on things that need to be fixed, such as ram bug, siege blinking in and out, crashes in capital cities, relics being stolen from bg's and the list goes on and on but with that being said new colo…
  • Carol_Broadsword wrote: » @Sapphy a topic is generally closed once it begins to deteriorate and break the Code of Conduct repeatedly. It is generally not a single comment. If you scroll up you can see I asked that the derailing stop, yet it con…
  • Here we are again. I felt like I was watching the Anne's BG Relic raid vid but this time I was a part of it. It was a rinse and repeat of that BG. How many times does this have to happen before permanent action is taken? As Rescu said we all know …
  • NO THANK YOU!! Albion does not want him back.