Code of Conduct

General Information

  1. These official boards are administered by Broadsword Online Games Inc© for the discussion of the game Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC).
    1. With the introduction of these official boards, Broadsword staff will no longer be responding to posts or private messages on 3rd party forums or websites for Dark Age of Camelot and will instead focus their community efforts here and on the official Discord server.
  2. These official boards are administered by Broadsword Online Games Inc© for the discussion of the game Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC).

    1. Visitors to the forums or those whose accounts are not currently subscribed or in good standing will not be able to post on these message boards but can still view them.
    2. Players who have not recovered their account or have not yet (re)subscribed are directed to visit the Account CenterReturning Players guide, or email for any assistance in doing so.
    3. Please remember to keep your game account info (username/password) secure and private. Sharing your game account with others who then abuse the forums is no defence against actions taken against your forum or Dark Age of Camelot account(s).


Administrators (Broadsword)
John_Broadsword (DAoC Producer)
Talal_Broadsword (Producer)
Carol_Broadsword (Community Lead)
Lea_Broadsword (German Community Admin)
Collin_Broadsword (Customer Support Manager)

Midithir (Main forums)
Dririlan (Main forums)
Amadeus (Main & German forums)
Crix (Main & French forums)

Code of Conduct

By using and participating on these forums you agree to abide by the following guidelines and rules. Failure to do so will result in action taken as outlined below. Please be aware that action can, and will, be taken against your game account for violations here. In addition, some forum sections may have individual guidelines, these can be found in the announcement stickied at the top of each forum section.

  1. You must not post, or link to materials that are in breach of DAoC’s Rules of Conduct or Terms of Service. This includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Advertisement or promotion of unofficial servers.

    2. Information on exploits of bugs in sufficient detail to allow others to perform said exploit.

    3. These exploits should be reported using the in-game /appeal functionality or on the boards in a private message to one of the Administrators.

    4. Cash sales of in-game items or currency.

  2. Personal attacks are not allowed. Please treat all posters with respect and courtesy. Real life threats will not be tolerated and will result in instant removal from the forums.

  3. Refrain from using vulgar and crude language. - You must not post any obscene messages or pictures, including pornography or links to said material. Doing so may result in an instant ban.

  4. No racism, racial slurs, or hate speech.

  5. Absolutely no developer or game bashing. Posting negative opinions and feedback is welcome, but please do so constructively and civilly. Posts which bash the game or developers will be removed and the user actioned.

  6. No Spamming or Bumping old posts. Posts with little or no content intended merely to raise a thread to the top of the board will be removed. Threads addressing the same topic on multiple forums will be removed or merged.

  7. No trolling or baiting. Do not post comments which have the sole purpose of causing an argument. You may express your opinion on a topic, however, abuse to anyone who doesn't have the same opinion as you will not be tolerated.

  8. Cheating accusations should be reported in-game through the appeal system. Do not post baseless accusations on the forums, these will be removed.

  9. Do not post personal or game information, yours or another person’s. Any personal information posted will be removed, this is for your own protection.

  10. Sharing of private messages is not allowed without the consent of all involved parties.

  11. Impersonating a Broadsword employee, posing as a Knight, or in any way deliberately presenting your thoughts as the thoughts of Broadsword is not permitted.

  12. Post commercial dealings or advertisements, especially, but not limited to, services/websites etc. that are in direct contest to Dark Age of Camelot.

  13. If we see any inappropriate avatars we will ask you to change it. Any inappropriate or offensive usernames will also be changed.

  14. Please use English in all but the German and French forums.

  15. No Piracy - You must not post links to illegal downloads or copyrighted material such as movies, music, or magazine scans. This also includes copying posts from one forum to another without the consent of the original author.

  16. Do not attempt to circumvent the language filters. They are there to protect everyone on the forum. Anyone found trying to evade this will be warned and the post removed.

  17. Please choose the forum most appropriate to your topic. Misplaced topics will be moved at moderator’s discretion.

  18. Every playstyle is a valid playstyle, please do not disrespect someone for their choice of playstyle.

  19. No political, religious, or other emotionally charged topics.

  20. Legal threats will be referred to our legal department and the user removed from the forums until resolved.

Ban & Moderation Info

  1. Evading a suspension or ban is not allowed.

  2. If you have a problem with any particular user, please send a private message (PM) to one of the moderators. Do not take matters into your own hands and reply in kind.

  3. If an administrator or moderator asks you to stop something: stop. Do not start a discussion or argument.

  4. Refrain from admin or mod bashing. If you have an issue with a moderator or actions a moderator took, please PM an administrator (Broadsword). Discussing moderator actions is not allowed on the public forums. Anyone found to be abusing the complaint system will have action taken against them.

A multi-strike system is in effect for any user failing to fully comply with the rules. Moderators will be strictly enforcing the forum rules. Users who cannot abide by the rules will be warned, suspended, or permanently removed from the forum.

If a player's forum account is suspended or banned, their DAOC game account will not necessarily receive the same disciplinary action. However, players who violate the Code of Conduct on the forums should be aware that those infractions may affect their ability to access both the forums and the game itself.