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I think it would be nice if we could get some new colors and designs added to the guild registry. For all the new guilds that are coming into play and and old guilds that would like to update we cant due to all the old accounts that have the colors registered already. I sat at the guild registrar for over an hour and had to just pick a random color due to not available. Some new designs would also be great to pick from what do you guys think?
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  • Right now, I would much rather have Broadsword focus on things that need to be fixed, such as ram bug, siege blinking in and out, crashes in capital cities, relics being stolen from bg's and the list goes on and on but with that being said new colors. :wink:
  • Yeah relics being stolen is bogus.
    Tired of rams bugging out left and right.
    Crashes in the capital cities definitely needs addressed.
    Buggane's buff bugging out and not being able to get the buff.
    Really all the pathing is annoying around KM.

    But hey, new colors and guild emblem designs would be cool B)
  • was free reign on colors/emblem when super cluster opened /em bow
  • Yeah, I know there's lots to fix in the game and this might be a pointless post but heck its worth the try. For the people that are trying to form guilds or just update we cant do much because so many colors and emblems are taken and I would say a good 70% are inactive accounts. If there was away for the in actives to give up colors and emblem it would make it easier for us actives but yes I agree with what you are saying also about other fixes. Its not a problem that needs to be done right now but would be nice in the future.
  • If anything, only available designs/colors should be listed to prevent people from wasting time sifting through the current options.
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    If anything, only available designs/colors should be listed to prevent people from wasting time sifting through the current options.

    All that would need to be done really.

    I wouldn't mind new icons either. :P
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  • I've never understood the harm with removing the restriction from patterns/colors/emblems. So what if multiple guilds run around with the same pattern?
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  • Half of the cool combinations are probably taken by dead guilds with no active members
  • They're all taken Burk. Like I said I sat in Jord with 2 other GMs of the guild to help flip through the pages and find something available. Very frustrating that it took so long.
  • Sounder about like 35$ USD
  • Fateboi wrote: »
    Sounder about like 35$ USD

    why do you keep bringing up money ?

    and yes we need more options for guild cloaks
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  • LOL i voted add some new crap, im sure its not that hard to draw up some new stuff. Hell, probably easier then fixing any bug currently in the game. Throw the carrot out there, give us something we know can be done witha solid few hours of drawing. Shoot, have all 6 of the BS team make new emblems with unique colors. Double dog dare you... :#
  • I so agree Snaillyn.. Triple Dog Dare :p
  • Can we get the middle finger emoji as a cloak emblem? So enemies we kill can see it as we leave afterwards.
  • I mean the ones we dislike. lol
  • Please increase the amount of money that a consignment merchant can hold. 200 plat is not that much during today’s state of the game
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    ^That cant be changed due to the coding that was used
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  • Your to funny Kel. Lol.
  • Then why can’t they write a code for your account stating that your merchant is full?
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  • A smack dat arse emoji emblem!!
  • Daniellson wrote: »
    Then why can’t they write a code for your account stating that your merchant is full?

    Probably for the same reason withdraw has been spelled wihtdraw on them since day one.
  • I never even noticed the misspelling lol
  • I gots a public high school edumication so seemed ok to me.
  • Something we have plans for indeed. I've no details or more info on who/what/where/when just yet, though :)

    Full merchants we also plan to address in our housing patch/update, but that won't be until after our Endless Conquest f2p model, as things stand :)
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  • Thanks Carol. We know it’s a back burner issue, just hope you don’t turn the burner off.
  • Awesome thx for updating us. Hope you guys have a blessed and safe new years.
  • Awesome news on whats to come Carol
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  • You Jerx are too nice. lol
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