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  • sigh ... seems like it was the other email. Got the list of subscription (EC) now. Using a new email for every service(*) can be a pain ... can be closed, sorry for the inconvenience (*)easier to track down source of spam/leaks
  • Not really agreeing with OP, that EC is a joke, because you get way more than a month ago and pay "the same" (aka "nothing") However some restrictions are odd ... When I created my stash-chars, I didn't care much about the classes - I rather create…
  • Baby wrote: » do these need to be opened right away?;) or can the boxes be opened months from now?;) If they follow the same pattern as the christmas-boxes from 2016 then i'd expect: After the event, the boxes will be set to 0/1 charges and ca…
  • Disclaimer: I didnt read the whole thread (might to it at a later point) I left January 2017 the last time and thought I'd give it a try. Currently I dont even see a reason to use the remaining 10 days on my account. Yesterday I had more fun pl…