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  • I meant to say chapter 6, not 5, same tactics though, it is not that hard just dont rush and pull too many mobs at once.
  • forgot to mention 50bow 32 beats composite stealth, and 34 spear
  • It is a reskinned cl15 DF bow with no cl requirement. Outside of the skin, its the same bow
  • RvR, running more than one toon, in rvr, or battle grounds, is allowable then with the hotkey programs? Or is this ONLY for a single toon, and if just for a single toon, will there be enforcement? Been running into a lot of tower fights where the …
  • I have completed chapter 5 on several classes, heals, casters, and melee,. (for the record this was on mid), I had problems the first time then I learned the trick, Just go slow, don't engage too many at once. If healer gets agro, put Garmr on t…
  • I would like to thank everyone, I got it. I used the /present to give the apple, /hug, /kiss, /clap. and messing around with all the others it finally activated on /bow. Hope that helps anyone else grabbing a unicorn mount.