Rainbow Unicorn bugged?

I have followed all the advice of people who have gotten unicorn mounts, and have tried till I am blue in the face. After presenting the apple, and doing the hug kiss and clap emotes, still cant earn the trust of the rainbow. Don't want to just give up, but i spent an hour the other day, and its looking today like it will be the same thing. Are the rainbows even able to be gotten anymore? My kid is bugging that i get one :S. Any help would be great thanks gang!


  • It works it’s just annoying.
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  • use /present as well
  • find the site with all the positive emotions or use the in game emoticons my kids showed me in the chat box, and just keep hitting those.
  • I would like to thank everyone, I got it. I used the /present to give the apple, /hug, /kiss, /clap. and messing around with all the others it finally activated on /bow. Hope that helps anyone else grabbing a unicorn mount.
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