High level monsters that appeared in low-to-mid level zones

I was wondering what the story was on the new high level monsters that were scattered around the world after the patch (or if they were already there sometimes I had never seen them before). A few of the spiders in Camp. Forest, some warhounds and an npc in West Svealand, and some wee wolves in Gotar were orange to my level 50 bot. I checked all three of these locations this morning and all the high level stuff was gone. I know that there have been a few high-level creatures scattered around in low-level areas for years, but most have been non-agro except for the one in Salisbury Plains.

When these monsters were in place, some of the town quests became unexpectedly much more dangerous. When I encountered the first of these creatures while completing a Caer Ulfwych quest, things might have gone badly if I hadn't been playing a ranged class and clicked on one of the level 51+ spiders at long range. The quest at the house in West Svealand would probably have been impossible for an on-level character without a bot who could pull Helga and then survive several hits from a level 51+ warhound that was patrolling near the entrance.

If these creatures are part of upcoming content that somehow went live early with the patch, I would like to suggest moving the creatures a bit so that they won't interfere with the town quests before this content does go live.


  • They were mobs that were added for the anniversary mount quest (lion, wolf, elk). Think the patch for the current quest added them by mistake.
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  • Thanks, I took a break for several months and wasn't playing during that time so they were new to me. If they were to make the 12 month subscription a better savings, I probably would keep active subscriptions all the time. As it is, I pay by the month when I decide to play for a bit, maybe for 2 or 3 months at a time and then another several month break.
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