We need a Realm Timer Command to state how much longer one needs to wait before changing realms

As we all have to deal with the current 'realm timer' issue when needing to change realms, would it be possible for the Dev Team to make a command, something similar to the following (/RTCD) to allow for user's to see their current realm timer cool down amount? This would help us all know when we have the ability to log to another realm.


  • Or have it tell you when you fail to log in.
    You still have an active timer 04:32
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  • Or better yet, have it do both. Have a timer stated in game for people that want to know how much longer they have before they can to log off. Then have it stated like mentioned above, where it's listed on an unsuccessful logon attempt.
  • it is almost as if this implementation was not fully baked as a feature
  • This was requested. Supposedly not feasible. Idk.
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    @Carol_Broadsword Is this feasible or no? I find it hard to believe you can have a value present 'somewhere' in your code to know NOT to let us logon on a different realm, yet that value can't be 'displayed' upon request. If that's the case, place a "cd/buff" on us with a CD on it. This way if we delve it or hover over it it will display the time remaining before one can log. Each time we get realm points (whether /rp off or not) this "cd/buff icon" resets to 15 minutes and begins its countdown. Something this simple shouldn't be beyond reach IMO.
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  • I would love to have a /timer command implemented that displayed the realm timer count down for both Veteran and EC accounts. Also, if the realm timer is to persist, BS should consider only locking players out of NF (including Battlegrounds, Labyrinth, Darkness Falls, Passage of Conflict, and Celestius) as opposed to the current hard lock out of another realm. That way players can at least access their houses, craft, and/or PvE during the down time. Personally, I'd rather the timer be removed altogether.
  • Population is so bad, really should just remove the timers completely.
  • Just make it last 24 hours. Resets at midnight.
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  • I'll inquire about this, ty :)
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  • Thats not a bad idea
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