Old player returning....where are all the people at?

Old player starting over at level one...need to know which server has the most people for groups around 7 pm to 11 pm est.

Why cant i create a scout?


  • Even thou there is Ywain 1 thru 10 there is only 1 ywain server.

    If you role a scout i am pretty sure you can find some other alb stealth to play with during that time.

    If you are playing the EC free account i dont think they allow stealth.
  • I suspect you are playing on an Endless Conquest account. Check the link below to see which classes are available for you. Regarding population, Ywain is a super cluster so there is only one Ywain server. The numbers are different for housing only. There is a PvE ruleset server, Gaheris, but it has an even smaller population than Ywain.

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  • Wow, this game has really shrunk. There was like 160 people in alb last night and three near my level.
    I am playing the free account because they wont give me my old peeps back.

    Going to be a long slow boring crawl back to 50 if its going to be solo the whole way.
  • Leveling is pretty quick and painless, which is why you'll find almost no sub-30s running around. Follow the new player quests and you'll hit ~35 in no time, at which point you can level through the battlegrounds starting with Molvik.
  • Yea leveling solo is easy.
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