Hot Fix: A Crash Fix

A huge thank you to all of the dedicated players who contributed their information and data to help us resolve this insidious issue!

  • Players should no longer experience a crash-to-desktop in certain locations, including the Capital Cities and several dungeons or instances, though the crash could have theoretically happened in almost any area of the game.
    • If currently online, players will need to log-out completely and re-patch their client to obtain this update.
    • Thanks again to all of the players who helped us track this down!

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  • No more Jord go boom?!
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    Tested Jordheim. Didn't crash. Will collect more data points as the week goes. Looks good.

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  • Great work from community and nice to see that BS prio this annoying issue.
  • And 2 days after I cancelled both my account too. Would be nice to know what the problem was, as it was one of the most persistent issues in the game, Was it a 1 someplace in the code where there was supposed to be a 0? What caused it.
  • Ty!;)
    I have a few friends who still experience crashes, but in NF;) mostly in EV;) Crash to desktop;) One friend seems to experience this issue, but only on certain characters;) not all;)
    Not sure if you'll be addressing this? We are not sure what is causing this issue;)
  • A couple of my group also experienced crashes in EV only
  • i haven't seen anyone mention a crash in jordheim since the update, great job BS.
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