Memorial NPCs and a Thank you.

Sunshine and I shared this with her children this morning - they were very touched.

To Carol and the Broadsword team:
From Alethea and Allan - Talini/Cheex's children
This is beautiful!! Thank you so much!! <3 <3 <3

To Carol: Thank you, again, for your help on the memorials. It was hard to keep this a secret from her friends and family for this long! I cannot wait to see them.


  • RIP to my friend Cheex.

    She always wore black and had her hood up. Please adjust the NPC an make it look more like her If possible. Please and thank you.
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  • Very touching. So many forget that despite the ranting and raving about which class is better, zergs, who is the best soloer and on and on, we are a community that cares very much about our fellow gamers.

    Rest is peace Talini
  • RIP Cheex - I miss our time together and the fun we had in our groups.
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