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  • For your information Broadsword helped out solving this bug. As of Saturday the 20th of February the quest line works again. Thank you DEV's for your help.
  • You must do the extra quests i you want in the starter zone before you ding level 11. You probably are by now since the post is old. The only thing you get by doing the extra quests are 1-2 levels and some kind of mini firefly that you can summon. I…
  • I found the same problem as you did yesterday the 14th of FEB, i have like you reported it here and on Discord bug-reports. I tried to enter the quest chain with my chars at level 39 - 49 - and 50 but no luck. I really hope they look into the probl…
  • Depending on how long time has gone since you played last time there has been several changes to both Shaman and Skald. I suggest that you go to the official webpage to see the shaman spec lines, to consider what you remember having in different ski…
  • Gaheris only issues: New user Journey quest: In every town for each level series, there are two quests that ask you to go to the battlegrounds. Battlegrounds does NOT exist on the Gaheris server, unfortunately the are not implemented apart from …
  • Suggestions for housing.: As i have read in the forum repossession of houses will be re-introduced. This is in its way fine, some landmarks can be freed up for others to buy the land and build a house. I do however have a few suggestions to you …