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  • DaRedANT wrote: » I voted yes. Will having multiple accounts allow the user to circumvent the realm timers? @Carol_Broadsword Yes, luckily it will circumvent it. easy fix for a faulty system locking you out of parts of the game you pay fu…
  • i am still for ingame pop-up polls or when logging in or so. easy, everyone sees it, and it's easy as heck to implement. oh yeah and of course some other solution than simply putting a lock on content you pay for just because you log onto another r…
  • still funny that Mid has actual access to that shield in an easy way (runed saga etched shield, stat-wise only though) but hib and mid need to wait for the freakin merchants and buy it for 3/4 worth of a GTC. any plans to look at that? Sent in some…
  • Buffsteria wrote: » Thank you! Just finished her off again and still no ring. If anyone knows a strategy we can use against Typhon, please let me know as we're facing him tomorrow! :-) uhhh, get afrit energies and buy the ring, easy fix :P dont…
  • Well, all dungeons are the same in this case. at least since they changed stuff to be purchaseable with BPs
  • only jewelry but yeah, in every curse dungeon, where the cursed chest merchant is, is a darkspire LEGACY merchant nearby. for armor/weapns you gotta port and farm though. they claimed they include all darkspire items but that statement is older than…
  • Mace80 wrote: » Abs debuffs are so hard to to know as there is no abs delve. Anyone know? Yo, debuff effectiveness only raises the value of STAT debuffs like str/con and so on.
  • only 10 votes and already a 7/10 no ratio is soothing for my soul