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  • To prevent misunderstandings and customer support inquiries: -The Mithril Merchant could inform the Valkyrie Char or all Mid Chars about this restriction -The Valkyrie Char should not have the 'Modify Character (MTX)' Option, if only a Gender Chan…
  • Bountycraft: All Cursed Gauntlets with 27% Absorb (Chain/Scale) require Bounty Accessory Mold (instead of Bounty Armor Mold) Mithril Shop: Valkyrie can buy a Gender Change Token (but can only be female) (Mithril Merchant does not inform about …
  • More Infos from Testing on Pendragon with Patch 1.125: -Crafting Valkyrie Purelight Armor Curse Chestpiece results in an Albion Version (Dullahan's Hauberk) CTD at Assembly Hall in Jordheim/Midgard occures at North-Entry (Stairs), East-Entry (Ca…
  • Not all - Pictslayer items is only 1. Most items require 1-5 usage molds (Weapon, Armor, Accessory), some 10 or 15 - varies within the item group and overall.
  • Here are my results of testing on Pendragon witch Patch 1.125: -Close to reproduceable: CTD right after entering Assembly Hall in Jordheim/Midgard (South entrance) [Raw scenario: Crafted Bounty item(s) in Uppland, ported to Jordheim, visited Tes…
  • Although "/clientsleep background|never" was activated ingame or via game options, is changes back to "/clientsleep minimized" after a relog - game options still show "/clientsleep background|never". At least confusing, esp. if you play with defa…
  • Thjo wrote: » Of all the recent changes to the Mauler, changing the stance/aura is to me the least annoying. You can qbind this. I know about it, but my intention is to make it more user friendly and efficient.