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  • While I still like a 10-15 min timer on realm switching. I guess when Endless conquest, it wont matter as you can just make a free account on a whim. Who give a f about action. I rather take stuff instead of fighting people. I want to siege, not 8v…
  • Budikah wrote: » Penalties don't work as well as inectives IMO. It's also incredibly easy to just pick up your cell phone nowadays, turn on your wireless hotspot, and blamo - you've got another IP address to cross realm with. Let them but a …
  • Then leave if you don't want to join a losing realm. I'm also not saying make the time limit huge. Let say Mid saying lets attack a tower or keep. Mid starts doing tthat, then 1/3 to half the bg logs and switch Alb instead of taking the keep. Why,…
  • I was thinking this earlier. Theurgist are the only pet class that don't have a controllable pet. Animist have one now. Theurgist have to relay on dex and getting pets out to do anything. To Animist, they have been nerf to how many pets they can …