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  • just my 2 cents: Ive been playing for several years but I certainly don't claim to be a pro and I only play Albion. That being said like most Ive run into IRC. Both as 8mans and with zergs. I cant say whether or not they cheat as I haven't seen an…
  • You cant be a wizard on EC. You'll have to sub if you want to play one.
  • Sleepwell wrote: » Realm timers do work, not sure why they are adamantly against it. It is what it is though. I will keep re-upping every other month or so in hopes that pop will rebound. I think BS is doing the best BS can do. Thats a good q…
  • I’d be in favor of not so much a full rebalancing or whatever but maybe a minor scaling down of the power creep and amount of healing being handed out in very small increments until it feels like we hit the mark.
  • About those realm timers...
  • Big thanks to @John_Broadsword and the rest of BS for this update. I think this is a great start the kinda info and transparency ppl were asking for, keep it coming! As for feedback I generally agree with pretty much everything @Beetleguisse outl…
  • Voted. Yeah man thanks for effort.
  • I think there's an elephant in the room that we should be allowed to openly discuss like a community of adults to hopefully start coming up with more ideas and solutions to fix/save this game(There have been a lot of good ideas thrown around already…
  • Areir wrote: » The problem here is it's not only the 8 mans that swap realms, it's the average Joe swapping to the defending realm on a whim...Realm timers, if only 5 minutes would be a plus Some of us average Joes want the realm timer too (tho…