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  • Yes it is and you can charge it (50g per Charge) 300 Charges the gem has.
  • Population on Hib is absolutely sad. EU Prime maybe around 50 + Player and Mid / Alb around 100 + During the day much less around - Depends on the players who are left, if it is enough too generate some action.
    in Population Comment by Hussak May 23
  • Dreamscape wrote: » Seethyr wrote: » I very much appreciate items like the Foil Hat of Swirling Thoughts that ports you back to Goth from any PvE zone. Are there any other items like this that are attainable through any means that simply make…
  • I am not sure, if the population all over in Live is that big, that you will really split the population?! But i don t know numbers so i dont know if they are worried about this. Like you said re open catacombs would be a fine thing and get some…
  • Did it work for you after reset again? Still same Problem here. Solution would be appreciated. thx
  • Hi I agree that BS should be more creative and add some new stuff to the shop. Think ppl would spend some money for that but in my oppinion they (BS) have to cause in the long term it is the only way to finance the game cause at the moment speci…
  • Hi Same here since couple of days. Had this several times before. Post in Forum Years ago Google „DAOC Lags“ seems German Problem only. No idea how to solve it, times before i had this, wait some days and it worked as always. Postcount found a Po…