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  • Esel wrote: » ...I suspect the enjoyment and novelty will wear off for many as the reality of modern daoc sets in (MLs, CLs, item /uses etc). After dabbling on that other server, I'm actually really looking forward to MLs, CLs, and other "advan…
  • Great event so far. Loving it!! But, for the love of all that holy, and I'm begging for this change: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it easier to get credit for a kill. Requiring a killing blow for credit is a major major pain, especially for anyon…
  • This sounds fantastic. I'm a new player so definitely plan to participate. One question: Will we be able to group with people in other realms, or is it restricted to only your own realm? Seems like grouping with other realms would eliminate the c…
  • Appreciate all the comments. Despite it being an older game, I love how relatively active it is here. I'll definitely check out the discord. @LtGab Thank you, that clears things up for me very well.
  • I haven't played DAoC for some time (10 years or so), but I, and my son, would be there on day 1 if a new server opened up. And we'd be happy to subscribe, so there are 2 new, paying customers already that the new server will bring in!