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  • Kroko wrote: » Herorius runs about 3 hours a day, not 8. But yea, consistent bgs in other realms would help. Have you been on for the past 3 weeks? Hero has been running intervals of 3-4 hours multiple times a day
  • Minibard wrote: » No more Realm timer. My arguement is this. During EU prime time everyone is following hero blindly. Noone wants to run a BG to counter him. Take wall climbing away from Heros could help with that. Not Realm timers. After …
  • @Daelin How can you be so blinded and not able to see that Hib classes are stronger? The Enchanter in Empowering they have the AoE bomb, 50% Heat, Cold, Matter Resist debuff for their baseline nuke they have a pet and they have a 9 second stun. …
  • @Daelin I think you need your reading glasses on because i said the exact opposite. Runie vs Eldritch - Eld would Win SM vs Chanter - Chanter would win BD vs Ani - Ani would win Warlock vs Banshee - Warlock would prolly win. This is the head t…
  • Daelin wrote: » Runemaster bolts are the same as Hib and less than Albion as they have access to three. Spiritmaster pets are much better than hib Enchanter pets because the tank pet can intercept. And warlocks have been nerfed because they we…