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  • I did most of the Mino Relic Bosses. They drop only one or zero seals too often to be worth running through the frontiers. Also the tougher Bosses like Cerberus or the Spirit Guardian. They should be dropping at least 2 or 3 like the Heralds imho. E…
  • Thanks for the hint. At last a challenge for my RR5 Scout
  • Do you guys know more spots beside Lab, EV and keeps where to farm Seals? More variety would be welcome.
  • Jep. From 35 to 45 its a pain solo. I searched old forums for good Level Spots and explored SI regions and grinded a lot. Did you do all the Dungeon Quests? Not sure how much XP the quests from the lvl 34 Dungeons (Cordova, Varulvhamm, Treibh C…
  • Please dont merge the Servers. I would end my (two) subscriptions immidiately. I love the PVE Content in Daoc. Although the Focus of the Game is PVP for most Players. I also like a small but helpful and peaceful community much more than a crowd of e…
  • Dann spiel einfach ein anderes Spiel?!
  • Unten links Remove klicken und finished xD . In den Frontier Zones sind auch immer noch die RVR Quests, Supply for the Cause und Doppelganger weekly, die man auf Gaheris nicht machen kann. Einfach ignorieren.
  • Additionally, the repeatable Inarus' Bounty, Sudari's Bounty, and Eliana's Bounty quests are now only Weekly-repeatable and grant 15,000 BPs for each completion.
  • You can do the former Glass Quests in Atlantis. There is a guide here: The Questchain gives you about 100k BPs . The last questgiver in every Region (Stygia, V…