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  • Sorry about that! I've been out of town for a funeral. I've sent you an email with instructions to reset.
    in daocutil Comment by Hopz April 2019
  • Nope, but I'm told they might reach out soon. Just to clarify, if I have to pull the plug, I will give notice + a way to download templates to extract. I won't leave y'all empty handed.
  • Siambra wrote: » I have found this a wonderful resource so am very interested in seeing it continue. Thanks! I, too, want to see it continue!
  • Second Personal Note: In any case where I retain ownership, and we keep it running, I will be making a big push to get it updated (there are a number of bugs that can easily be addressed with a little time). A collaborator will help speed that up, b…
  • Personal note: My preference would be to sell this to Broadsword. They could use it as an official resource that would help bring people back if they advertised it, etc. I'm not sure if @John_Broadsword or @Carol_Broadsword would be interested, but …
  • Give Midgard another stealther, make it a stealther with CC that can perf and has the old warlock chambers.
  • With healthy population I'm all for these types of incentives. Problem is a lot of us switch to create action. If there are a ton of mid groups out, and my group logs on mid, we will switch to hib/alb to make sure there are fights. With an unheal…
  • Thanks @Carol_Broadsword -- can you lock this thread so it doesn't get too flamey? I just wanted to propose something to get people / you all to think about!
  • Sym wrote: » I agree it should be more clear but I think the point is that for people to not being rude or abusive behavior to these forums. I don’t understand how that is hard for some people, unless someone is genuinely an asshole in real life. …
  • I had no idea this was a thing. What classes can/cannot?
  • Hey! I would recommend using kings gear to get started. Especially when zerging it up, its a great way to get used to the class. The kings gear is in the kings room. When you go there he will give you your armor and there is a little guy next to him…
  • To be clear, I know we have https://forum.darkageofcamelot.com/code-of-conduct -- I'm more saying that the punishment for specific things should be clearly stated (and not left up to subjective factors).
  • Aye — just expire the cookies at 2 weeks. I’ve never used vanilla forums but it looks like `confit-defaults.php` is where it’s defined by default.
  • Kobold thanes or else
  • Nice work, buddy! I'm keen on working together in the future!
  • Sovereign wrote: » Hopz wrote: » Updated paywall to only show up every 5 minutes, so it's a little less annoying, while still (hopefully) still being somewhat annoying. you wrote still twice
  • Updated paywall to only show up every 5 minutes, so it's a little less annoying, while still (hopefully) serving a purpose.