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  • Looks like the quest auto completes on kill of the harbinger. After you turn in you will get access from the holiday egg quest giver to get the housing decorations
  • Oh no. A quasi-homophobic slur. Eek. However shall those of us that dare not play on Ywain think to continue
  • The basket and flower box quest appears to my level 50’s after defeating the Harbinger of spring. The frontier egg hunt quest is from level 35 to 49 and I can confirm it is up for my level 45 Druid
  • I had this. Had a windows update that once I restarted Daoc loaded fine
  • After level 35 i would say ask around if any are leveling in frontiers and try to join their group at least till 40 and maybe 45 then hit CV for the repeatable quests there.
  • Of course the mainland dragons also drop seals if you are particularly adventurous. 70 per kill as I recall
  • I would hazard a guess that the dragonsworn on EV would also drop seals not just the demonic mobs
  • The dragonsworn camp on the hilltop due north of Hurbury does indeed drop dread seals. I passed thru last night and got 5 seals in about 25-30 kills. Hope this helps
  • If you go to camelotherald.com and do the guild search on the right side of the page it will say what Ywain your guild started on
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  • Named mobs seem to have a better rate but otherwise it’s random
  • I believe you can get the reward at any of the main strength relic towns on Gaheris. Uppland for Mid, Forest Sauvage for Alb, and Cruachan Gorge for Hib. I believe the commander with the blue knot will have your reward