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  • Population kind of reminds me of the end of the old EU servers. Only the action on those servers right up to the end was better than what is on offer at the moment.
  • tald wrote: » Clumsy wrote: » 2 Mids in NF atm enjoy your playstyle least i deal with facts (and not fibs) at the time you posted this there was a fgm out and also kaptkent defending bled with quite a few mids. defending it vs a fgh+ and a…
  • Shame as there is still an appetite for DAOC, just not the DAOC Broadsword are pushing.
  • I am a returning player from years ago and yes I used to have things set up a certain way. I say used to because it isn't the same now with having a new PC and in the heat of a fight it is all coming back to me, and I press a button only to find …
  • How do you get credit for the Reaper Lord request, it says "kill enemies of the realm", which I did that but no credit?
  • Royal Treasurer not Accountant, in the throne room I mean.