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  • It's not like the people who run daoc are going to penalize one of their fellow realm mates for exploiting. No point in complaining anymore, lesson learned.
  • Maybe Hero talked to CSR's, or whatever they are called now, in tells and told them he was the one that lead everyone up to that point to use the cata's. If this is the case, Hero did what good leaders do "take one for the team" for something that a…
  • Jak wrote: » Just like titles. Congrats! Best. Comment. Ever. Congrats!
    in Boom! Comment by Miro January 2019
  • @Carol_Broadsword Could the traveling merchants come back with this event ... I really need to buy stuff ....
  • RonELuvv is right the cauldrons end up giving less charges than if you made draughts with the essences. Would be cool if the draughts had the essence amount reduced and the side ingredients increased slightly.
  • It was fun right?!?!?! Sorry Hibs!!
  • 30 min minimum timer, 1hr would be great. Would be nice if this could get implemented.
  • Carol_Broadsword wrote: » @Sapphy a topic is generally closed once it begins to deteriorate and break the Code of Conduct repeatedly. It is generally not a single comment. If you scroll up you can see I asked that the derailing stop, yet it con…
  • Yeah relics being stolen is bogus. Tired of rams bugging out left and right. Crashes in the capital cities definitely needs addressed. Buggane's buff bugging out and not being able to get the buff. Really all the pathing is annoying around KM. …
  • Would be interesting if they could make the relic become loot, when the keep lord/relic captain dies the relic goes to the BG leader, there is no picking up the relic. This would create other issues, more BGs etc. Perhaps the BG leader who's BG does…
  • Player may not engage in any conduct or communication while using the DAoC Services which is unlawful or which restricts or inhibits any other Player from using or enjoying these Services. Harass, threaten or embarrass another Player of the Servi…