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  • Maybe for the tougher/heavier the armour the more resistant it is to deteriorating? So Chain being more resilient can take a lot more punishment than cloth for example before it deteriorates?
  • Dale_Perf wrote: » Brut wrote: » I’ve just read this in the Camelot times inside scoop on the whole sorry affair It reads like this At 2.14 yesterday constable paddy biehbien of the **** local community Enforcement force noticed a large cow…
  • null @Stoopiduser Oh god yes! I guess we are all so super pationate about how to fix this game, we easily will get distracted.
  • null @Stoopiduser Fair enough Sir. I hope your suggestions get listened to and we try something to fix the current situation.
  • @Stoopiduser I see it differently as class balance is inextricably linked to enabling people to have fun as you described. Without going off topic to much, I'd say 3 of the issues Alb's have vs Hib (broadly speaking, I'm sure there are more) are a p…
  • Stoopiduser wrote: » I am sorry to disagree with my favorite Pink Armsman but you run more PUG's and and small man Brut. You have given up defending Keeps against hibs also, I dont group with you often so i cant say for sure i may be wrong. …
  • null Ahmed to this Sir. Bang on correct on the Mark!
  • Siambra wrote: » In trying to read all the posts, I think what is being said is - Hibs play Hibs because it is fun for them. As a result, their numbers are large especially during EU prime time Mids aren't playing (so don't have the numbers)…
  • Many very good and valid points but it is not true to entirely blame the lack of counter to Herorius (Looking at you Alb particuarly) on bad leadership. The utility in Mid and Hib classes allow the forming of grps and competing in fights so much eas…
  • Hey, this is a little later but most scouts I know go 50 now, 35 shield, composite stealth and weapon of choice. Some scouts vary bow level (40-50) and may prefer 42 shield for a more hybrid spec but I would play around to se what works for you.
    in Scout spec Comment by Mithras May 2020
  • Hey Fengist. I completely understand your frustration and the scout is an untterly unrecognisable beast from when I started playing in 2003. In case you ever do come back, in relation to your stealther. I can't recommend enough joining a "stealth gu…