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  • Hrodak
    Hey Lea, könntest du bitte Liberal Defenders of Hibernia (Hibernia) zu den Gilden aufnehmen die Rückkehrer willkommen heißen.
    vielen Dank im voraus.

    lg Marlf
    March 2023
  • Shamissa
    Hi Lea, this is Shiane , i am not sure why i am banned from Daoc Discord. is kind of frustrated because i am still paying for and cant even talk to folks in there , i might have mentioned by accident something this past weekend in molvik /region about some other Shard that was having an event, later on i received a weird msg not from you , Carol or even from john but from some weird name saying 'No Shard...next time will be a ban" it made me mad because that someone didnt identified themself and later on i couldnt get on i noticed daoc oficial has gone from my hot bar, i am being honest as i can, and if thats being the case i dont need to talk about other games. Thank you in advance. Shiane :)
    October 2021
  • Belgaar
    i think you should remove the missing because you strafed in combat for us older players to counter the macro players , they can focus on just moving around while slamming 1 button for 4 different potential styles and there mothers lol
    May 2021