Has there ever been a timer on Body Guard?

Some of these tank fights i've been in recenty feels like one big circle jerk with all the BG's going back and forth. Makes me want to yawn when this happens. Would a timer on Body guard be a good thing?


  • It's sort of a pain with how it works, but using AoE spells/Battlemaster styles does interrupt the person who is being BG'd if they start casting - the AoE debuff ones in particular. There are a few other ways around it, but in certain situations people can cheese you hard with it.
  • Hmm? Can the tank be zephyred?
  • Cartoan wrote: »
    Hmm? Can the tank be zephyred?

    yeah you can zephyr the tank, if you also have a battlemaster, the aoe styles work nicely too
  • The only problem I have with bodyguard is when two classes with bg keep swapping who is guarding back and forth. Make it a casted spell so you can't swap who is guarding and who is guarded when you are in combat.
  • Lack of an animation to clue people in is really what always stuck out to me the most.
  • There is supposed to be a delay between changing BG targets. "Some" groups seem to not suffer that delay somehow. But, it's probably the same somehow that allows for a lot of "fishy" things to take place in RVR.
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