Where do the poison remedy pots come from?

Ive managed to find the revivifying elixirs and lesser revivifying salves (in plat boxes) but cannot find these pots anywhere but housing, and the ones on the market are dwindling .. due to my shopping habits
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    Chests inside the keeps ?
  • In Hib, try TnB NPC training quests.

    They have pots with 3 /use's, I believe.

    Including Stealthlore and Cure Disease.

    Pretty sure the Poison Cure is there also.

    Been a few years.

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    I have a bunch of them, but I got all of mine when the supply quest existed and got them all with keys and using the chests im the keeps.
  • Oops, as you found out, I only got the disease, health and stealth potions in the second city.

    Bad info is bad.


  • I found my disease cures at the second quest town, the revealing pots too and the one charge revivifying salves but no poison remedies from at least lvl 25 towns and under. Going to take someone out of thid I guess and see if maybe I missed them at some point cause if theyre there ive got them too long ago to remember. Thanks for answers :)

    as for chests I haven't tried the 50p or 100p but def not in 10p chests.. those are the empower and lesser revivifying and the totally useless lesser invigorating
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  • I can confirm the poison remedys are not in the town quests, and not in the 2p or 10p chests at least.. I did them this evening, I can almost guarantee they aren't in the 50p or 100p given theyre very often only a few gold, most are 1p but if I check daily I can find two or three for under 300g
    ~Shard Junkie~
    Mother of Trolls
  • gold keys
  • Why don't you make restoration potions cure the following: res sick, poison, disease, debuffs. I mean its a 1 min reuse for another potion, so I don't think it would be op'd. And I think that restoration potions would get more use to players and the price on the market would go up. @Carol_Broadsword
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