*video* thanks @cianne for always zerging, it always feels good to find you solo and **** on you

phase shift, zephyr, rr5, ip5 and still get ript by lil wizards ? lol, i think if my scout used any cd's vs a solo wizard id prob delete it on the spot

must be nice rr5'ing your pet out of cc and hitting for 500 a swing, unfortunetly poor play flops everytime, best get back to ur 10 man

gf second time I thought I was gonna put you guys down again qq


  • Cianne selling their account yet? pm me @cianne
    <Chaos Theory>

    Message me for an 8v8 if you wanna try me.
  • Always entertaining
  • lol REKT
    "I think what he is doing is good. For a long time Albs not have very good leaders. Natebruner is perfect, his accuracy, his pushing"

    "Nate calling out fights in the Alb public bg has been a recent source of entertainment for me, most of those folks have never heard anyone call targets during US prime." Teddie

    "First off I am pretty sure most Mids agree that Albs previous leaders were weak and Nate is actually bringing out action." Impounded

    Discord me: Natebruner#3781
  • That is funny as hell!! Makes me happy to see people who regularly love to duo/trio/and 4 man down solo's get their filling of karma.
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    always fun to watch stealth zergers go try to solo and just flop terribly, [edited]
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  • At least the Vakten had Balls :)
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