Just came back, anyone for XP?

Hi folks.
I just came back to the game after over a decade, is there anyone to exp with?
Alone is too boring for me :)
Realm doesn't matter, the account is empty :D


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    Welcome back :)

    Try joining the Discord also (https://discord.gg/daoc), full of info and always something going on you could join or find people to start something!
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  • incase you don't find someone to xp with, your best bet is to do the quests in the bg after level 5 all the way to 50, its great xp

    fastest way is to just keep doing the 1 quest in each bg closest to the keep, over and over
  • That's what I'm doing, but I can last 1 hour max (if I don't get PK'd) then I have to quit :)
  • Fastest I’ve leveled in the bg’s and the glass quest was on a skald because speed and good damage to kill the mobs. Think total was like 6-7 hours played. I guess a spec or mins would do good on alb also. Just buy some end pots and lw1 and perma sprint with speed. Then from 30-35 run glass quest for like an hour and get to 35ish and back to the bg’s
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