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Lets get a current bugs list going that affect play to a point of game breaking or exploitative frustration. I think this will help @Broadsword to prioritize bugs to be fixed. This list should not include personal opinion or QoF changes, but only bugs ingame that change/break/or halt game play.

Jordheim Crash bug
Hibernia Crash bug
Albion - Olustrous quest bug at Camp station
Curse Raid Credit bug
Necromancer bug with number of active spells

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  • Hib safe port stuck and /stuck does not work
    Hib safe port crystal on hill and /stuck does not work.
    KM ranged mobs putting Bugg in combat and rupting casters if engaging in a fight fair amount of time
    right click crash randomly
    Group port porting group mates to the groups members individual persons PvE bind randomly instead of the porter's appropriate bind
    Group port crashing members randomly
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    Heretics - Uninterruptible Focus spell getting interrupted right outside of melee range which is not suppose to happen.
    Lower lvl Dungeons provide gear at 70% & 0% condition - affects all realms
    Swimming backwards in water puts you in melee range but not the attacker
    Targeting issues when surfacing and diving
    Pet pathing
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  • You don’t need a bug list bruh. Broadsword has it’s own database of bugs with everything you are aware of and more.
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  • Trying to bring more attention to them so we can get them on a tracked development log/path. Releasing new buggy PvE content as a bonus to a yearly event doesn't help.
  • All 3 realms: Dream Conq. Band buff bug. When you switch out any bracer after using 5% hp/af buff it drops the buff. Little bug, but it sucks nonetheless and should be an easy fix.
  • Im actually ok with a buff dropping if you are not wearing the item
  • Tooooo many to list imo. I'm just returning after a decade of being away. I play alb of course, are there any active guilds doing molvic - frontier rvr ? Mixture of both pve and pvp ? Lf active folks pst...
  • pets going through walls/doors/gates.

    it's an obvious bug and people keep abusing it to send pets in CK's.

    once, learning,
    twice testing,
    thrice, abuse.

    animists that keep sending their pbaoe pet into the lord room should be a bannable offence
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    Keep guards have unbreakable speed will pop you even after stealthing up. Also Keep guards lagging extremely far away from keep and even will Aggro.

    For example around Moy guards from DC maybe they are running some borders or pathing players can’t see.
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