Problem with Band of the Dream Conquer Bracelet buff

This was all copied from my postcount posts. Da Ant Family also did a test and realized that even if you have an open bracer slot and Dream Conquer Band equipped when you pop the buff and put a bracer in the open slot is also drops. This needs to be looked at and I can't imagine it would require much to fix it.

So my new template has 2x Band of the Dream Conquer in it. I only use one of them. The other is just there for the stats. I also just purchased a bracer with +15% duration to spells on it so when I'm using a charge or my pots I pop the bracer on and get an extra 1.5 minutes or so of use out of them. I made sure that the Band of Dream Conquer that gets switched out was NOT the one I use for the buff. However, I will pop the Dream Conquer buff up, switch back to normal bracers, but when I put the bracer on w/ the + to duration to use another charge my 5% health dream conquer buff drops. I could see it if I was switching bracers on the one I used the charge on, but I'm not. I'm switching the one I don't use the charge on.

I used to do the same thing on my old template, except I used a gem instead and never used the charges on my gem, so not for sure if this is just for the dream conquer or if you remove an item w/ a passive timed charge does it always remove the buff? Also, I would do this with another item, but I'm using charges on all my accessories except the 2nd Dream Conquer band.

Is this a bug or by design? Once again, I can see that if you use a passive charge item you need to keep it equipped to maintain that buff (although not for sure if that is the case), but in this case i'm not even switching the item i'm using and yet it drops my buff. This should not happen.

Needless to say, i'm confused.

Edit: Just checked and it actually drops my buff when I put the 2nd Dream Conquer band back on (not the one I use the charge on). Which is even more odd. So putting a 2nd dream conquer band on after you have the buff up DROPS the buff? I thought it was me switching back to the duration bracelet. It's not. It doesn't make sense....



  • Oh interesting. Thanks Ron, will inquire about this :)
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  • To simplify the bug...

    Equip a ch6 bracer, and any other bracer (or leave other bracer slot empty). /Use the ch6 bracer, then swap the other bracer out (or drop a bracer in the empty slot), and the AF/hits buff drops incorrectly.
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  • Just while we're talking about the ch6 bracer, I would really love to see it co-exist with the skald buff that does the same thing, but 10% instead of 5%, with the skald buff taking priority of course, its something that so many people use and dont realise that they're effectively missing out on an extra 5% because they are unaware that the ch6 buff overwrites it completely, not sure if this happens on other realms, but this is the case on Mid, as long as you have a skald in group ofc.
  • Oh interesting. Thanks Ron, will inquire about this :)

    Have you heard or checked on anything about this yet @Carol_Broadsword? Just curious :)
  • I also noticed the other night that when I ported into PoC in Albion that I also lost the buff from the dream band.
  • It's being checked, soon as I've news I'll be back to you :)
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  • Thank you! Much appreciated!!
  • Any chance this will be fixed in 1.125 @Carol_Broadsword?
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