What is the best to record while playing. Not streaming but to just record.


  • I use the same program for streaming and recording. OBS, it records high quality, plus loads of settings, in .flv and .mp4

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  • I like OBS myself. I can record or stream... or I can do both at the same time.

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    OBS is the best that I've found.

    I used to use NVidia Shadowplay software because it worked well without much system impact and was easy as pie to get fully functional, but you can use OBS to record using the same codec (NVENC H.264) if you have an NVidia card. You can even use the same "shadowplay" feature in OBS - just google "OBS shadowplay mode" and it'll describe it better than I can. Essentially - you hit a button and it saves the past (x) mins of gameplay footage up to like 15-20mins depending on what your system can handle.

    Tons of very easy to follow guides out there for this program as well.
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  • i like fraps, just push when fight start, push when it end, drag it out of the folder, drag it into windows movie maker, save it bam, so quick and easy, and can just delete all the clips u don't want easily ect
  • I use stream labs because its the only software this old fogey can get to work
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    I like Nvidia Shadowplay as it is easy to use.
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  • Shadowplay Also. just set you record time up I normally use 5 min than after a fight or whatever happens hit alt+F10 and it saves the last video footage of what ever duration that you set it at.
  • I use OBS
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