Movement options/click to move

Hello. I have a question, is it possible to move a character by clicking on the ground? Or any options to separate movement from camera view. I can go forward with different camera angle but when I try to turn left, my character just steps aside or he turns together with camera.
I guess there is no more options and I tried it all but there is small chance i don't get something.


  • use /keyboard to config that....

    u can use as exemplae push 2 mouse key s to move forward
    etc etc

    and maybe switch out snapback camaera angel in Options etc

    In rememberin on old EU logress server i like to say...

    Running full High Gear equipped 8 men group,
    over some causuals in random Drop Armor,
    is not really a fight or Art and requirre no skill......
    We call it Sport...^^

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