Warlock and Chambers?

I havent played a warlock since the old days pre-ywain and they used to be able to chamber bolts and spells for high burst dps. I was trying to decide on a fun Gaheris toon, but when I made a lock to snoop at the skills and spec lines, I didnt really understand all the new chambers and secondary spells etc.

Are they still heavy burst dps capable or how are they played these days? I wouldnt be interested in the healer spec line though.


  • No burst damage anymore- fixed chambers with specific spells in all specs plus re use timer of 10 sec.
    Now Warlock is a very solid (but slow(er) in comparisson to GB or Rune ) damage dealer with a lot of utility.
    Most used spec is now 50 Witchcraft, 20 Curse for excellent DoT damage and a solid heal (group heal manaless, single quite ok)
  • Warlocks caught the nerf bat
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