Returning Player and stuck....

I've been stuck in housing for the last two hours trying to find my way out.

Also, there are numerous discussions about UI scaling, and how they implemented a UI scale from 1 to 4, but there is literally nothing explaining HOW to do this. Dragging the top left corner doesn't work. I'm talking about UI elements in the game, not the games entire window. Changing monitor UI isn't really a solution, as it makes thing blurry.... and changing monitor resolution isn't either. If this isn't possible, just let me know, as it wont be playable for me. All of my monitors are high res.



  • What are you doing in housing and where are you
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    As of DAoC Patch 1.127E on 11 October 2021:
    The in-game user interface can now be scaled up in size by clicking+dragging the upper left corner of the in-game screen.

    The UI can be scaled from 1.000 (default) to 4.000.
    For most resolutions a value in the 1.0-1.3 range should be large enough.
    If no mouselook or mousepan button is set in /keyboard, users should hold down their mouselook toggle key and then click the upper-left corner of the in-game screen to begin scaling.
    UI Scaling

    If you would like to use UI scaling and have the text smoothed out, please check out my DAoC Video Tweaks page
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