Live Dev Chat and Darkness Falls Event

Clear your schedules for these upcoming events!

Live Dev Chat

Join us on our official DAoC Twitch channel from 3PM EST / 9PM CET on Sunday June 5th where DAoC Producer Eldariian, DAoC Dev Laecidea, and DAoC Community Lead Carol will be live with our host Ramik to discuss all things Ywain, our new server, and to answer your questions!

We'll be taking questions you submit ahead of time via our submission form here as well as straight from the Twitch channel's chat. There are no questions off limits and we will aim to answer as many as possible!

Darkness Falls Events

  • On June 4th from 7PM CET /1PM EST the EU zerg leaders bring the fight to the dungeon of Darkness Falls! Albion forces will be led by Jennypala, Hibernia's forces will be led by Herorius, while Midgard's forces will be led by Muylasav.
  • On June 11th from 8PM EST / 2AM CET the US zerg leaders take charge in Darkness falls! Timbuhktu will gather the realm of Albion, Herorius will lead the charge for Hibernia, and Leegyn will muster the ranks of Midgard.

After such a great time in the recent Labyrinth events, you will not want to miss these Darkness Falls battles! Many thanks to the leaders on each realm for organizing these :)

Darkness Falls will be open to all realms from 1 hour prior and after each event.There will also be a 50% RP bonus enabled in the dungeon for the durations.

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  • <claps profusely>
    Da ant family - 1801 1802 1803 1805 1807 1808 1809 1989
    Da fly family - 4501 4502 4503 4504 4508 4509
    Da spider family - 441 442 444 445 447
    Ywain 1. Mid - Carlingford Hib - Tullamore Alb - Dalton
  • Don't forget to set your recall in svasud/sauvage/drium liggen for the duration of the event ;)
    Stor Hurfru Muylasav, wildly swinging arms around. Vicomte Muylock, calling curses on enemies. Lord Muylaetrix, calling upon winter storms. some other chars with names starting with Muyl.
  • You mean PK bridge for albs
  • Can't wait for this!
  • Darkness Falls Event Update

    - Dragkhar the NPC has been added to the realm's relic towns (Catterick Hamlet, Crair Treflan, and Godrborg) and the mainland side border keeps (Castle Sauvage, Druim Ligen, and Svasud Faste).

    This NPC will teleport you once into your realm's DF entrance and give you a Darkness Falls Recall Stone. Use this stone to return to Darkness Falls at any time during the event (note the stone *currently* cannot be used in NF).

    - 50% realm point bonuses has been enabled in Darkness Falls for the duration of today's EU event.
    DAoC Community Lead
    Broadsword Online Games
  • Really appreciate you took the time to update us! I apologize but I sifted through and did not watch the whole stream. Was an updated timeline mentioned at any point? Thanks!!!
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