Live Server Downtime - 20th Anniversary and 1.127E Update

All live servers will be coming down tomorrow, Tuesday 10/12/21, at 5:45AM EDT / 11:45AM CET for our 20th Anniversary celebration and Patch 1.127E!

Happy Birthday Dark Age of Camelot!

20 years is a milestone that is both hard to believe and one that seems to have flown by.

The memories of water beetles being crunched under foot and by the swings of a
shillelagh melds with that first trek across the river-bridge and up to Camelot's gates and with the sound (and imaginary stench) of a troll in combat... and everyone remembers their first time out RvRing in the Frontier and the rush of adrenaline as those first realm enemies came into clip range.

With 20 years we have a lot to celebrate and we hope you enjoy this update as much as we did putting it together.

So raise your cup, stein, and mug with me to the 20 years of battles, laughter, tears, friendship, and community that this game has brought us.

To 20+ more!

John Thornhill
Dark Age of Camelot

Read on for the full Patch 1.127E notes!

  • Take a trip down 20 years' worth of memory lane and earn your realm-specific Great-Lion, Great-Wolf, or Great-Elk mount!
  • Bask in the brand new character selection screen sceneries!
  • Earn your 20 year Veteran Rewards!
  • Huge monitor owners, rejoice! You can now scale your UI to your heart's content!
  • Several new Mithril Shop additions!
  • A few class changes to Battlemasters, Heretics, Savages, and Heavy Tanks as well as several bug fixes!


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  • When are the servers opening today 10/12/21 ?

  • Update: Ywain and Gaheris are once again open to all players! :)
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  • New quest is fun. Going back to the old PvE zones ftw.
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  • Do you need 50 for the new quest ?
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    Not too impressed with the anniversary quest. Don't know how it is on Mid or Hib but on Alb it takes forever to kill the Green Knight, then IF he finally dies it's buggy so you don't get credit. I did enjoy revisiting a few forgotten spots. But the inability to reliably finish the quest is very off-putting.
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  • some notes on the UI scaling.

    first of all ... at last it's there. but i find some issues with it too.

    scaling the UI makes the fonts way less readable, it would be nice if the fonts didn't scale with the rest of the UI. you can already change the font size in the different windows with way better results than what you get when they are scaled with all the rest of the UI together.

    it would be nice if you could scale different elements of the UI individually instead of the whole UI at the same time. i think if different UI parts could be scaled individually then i would only scale the icons and qbars and leave the rest in it's original size.

    it would be nice if you could 'lock' the UI once you are satisfied with the scaling as i often seem to re-scale the UI by accident.
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