Checking up on the game

i use to play here maybe a year ago or so
was wondering how is the status of the game atm?
rvr action?
solo action?
how many ppl are online at eu times? or at max times?
EC restrictions removed yet?
why aint this game on steam yet?
is game dieing or getting better? after free to play?


  • I cant answer all your questions because I was in your shoes a week ago. Haven't played since 2003 and decided to try Endless Conquest. EC is just a little nugget if you wanna go down a free nostalgia road. At first I couldn't get over the modern day sub fee for daoc. But after a day of EC I ponied up the $15 to see my old toons and play with new races/classes. Have not done any rvr yet so cant comment. But lvling pve is very fast. On my server ywain10 on a /who I regular get 100+ players. I don't know if that is all in total because I think servers are 1 cluster or just the server I rolled. These forums are dead though but the daoc discord seems very busy with active players all the time. Looks to be a small but very active community. I'd link if I had discord on my phone. Next month is 20th anniversary so anxious to hear some new announcements. This game is not dead and still loads of fun!
  • is the official game discord. Population seems to be trending up over the month of September.
  • checked that disc and theres no one there
  • There's def people in the official discord
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