Keybinds or macros for a modern mouse?

Can anyone point me to information as a returning player..on how to bind quick bar 2 and 3 to mouse buttons? Thanks!!


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    Here are some videos talking about Qbinds and keyboard.

    The general idea when qbinding stuff to mouse is to
    1. first clear your keyboard to make room for qbinds.
    2. Then, qbind the abilities you want on the keys you just free'd
    3. In your mouse program, change the mouse buttons to the keys you want the abilities to fire from

    Example : I want my purge on a thumb mouse button.

    1. put Purge on a hotbar (example hot bar #1, page #8, slot #2)
    2. Identify on which key I want my purge to be bound to, example *
    3. type /qbind 8 2 1 and type *
    4. in your mouse program, select the thumb mouse button and change it's key to *

    Your purge will now fire from your mouse thumb button.

    In your specific case, you'll want to bind bars 2 and 3, so your /qbind will be page slot bar (2 or 3). So if your ability is on page 5, slot 1 of qbar 2, it will be /qbind 5 1 2

    The rest is the same.
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