Returning Player / Question Regarding Caledonia Event

Ok, maybe a couple questions...

1) Do you have to make the character(s) the day of the event or can a level 1 with no experience join the event? I have a level 1 that I was hoping I could play in the event, but I've never participated, so I don't know what the requirements are.

2) If I am allowed to join with an already made character, what happens if it's a really old character? Such as it's base class and current class both being Fighter? Back when you had to level to 5 before you chose your actual class?


  • As long as it was never logged in, you can join in the event. As for the base class question, no idea
  • 1 - you can make the level 1's now and be all prepared with toons, as long as you DON'T log them in until Caledonia starts. After it starts all new toons will start in there.

    2 - No previously made and logged in toons can enter Caledonia :) Kinda cool to have a fighter, I'd save that for nostalgia since you can't make them anymore :)
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