How appealing works

So i feel like this would help a lot of people understand the process, me included.

But how does the appeal process work from makeing an appeal to how it is handled now i know that it is not shared on the results but would be nice to know how it works mabe even give us an example if possible.

And if possible what is the job that a csr does vs what beibhinn does because i know i get them mixed up and think they are the same thing.


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    There is a sticky on the support forum on the appeal system :)

    CSR's and CS deals with appeals and player/account issues and everything ingame. Shileah and me are community and deal with everything information flow wise between devs and players including interaction, newsletter, herald updates, forums/discord/twitter/facebook, helping where we can on what we can, and so forth :) We have nothing to do with actions or bans taken as regards players and accounts.
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  • Ty carol i hope this helps everyone understand better
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