Otherworld chapter 6-10

On Tuesday, 23. February 2021
Dear Warriors of Hibernia,

We are organising a battlegroup to do chapter 6-10 of Otherworld. We already have one full group and are looking for additional groups to do chapter 6-10 of Otherworld.

When: Tuesday 23 FEB 2021 at 19:00 GMT
Where: Make sure you do beforehand chapter 1-5 of Otherworld and let's meet up in Otherworld - Howth - Chapter 6
How: We are very experienced as a group and can almost do Chapter 6 on our own but we would need an extra bit of damage dealing as to push through it.
Voice comms: Voice comms on Teamspeak 3 will be available

Extra info: send me a direct message on this form.
Otherworld: all info here: https://darkageofcamelot.com/content/Otherworlds-Campaign



  • TODAY !!!!!
  • How did this raid go? My guild is interested in getting another one of these organized if anyone else would want to do it. Let me know if you're interested.
    Hakkie wrote: »
    TODAY !!!!!

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