Comprehensive list of minor bugs in game

Thought that maybe its time to fix alot of the little bugs that exist in the game, the ones I am putting down are cosmetic and very well may be from my end but nonetheless. if anyone has any others feel free to add.

1. the level 48 and 47 arawns blaze and ticking snare dd does not have the sustained casting animation, once they are casted the characters arm goes down into a passive stance and the spell pulses out their arm.

2. Blade spec for hibernia has many of the wrong style icons. ( many of them are from blunt line and piercing line)

3.Avalonian male hair clips horribly and also will flicker in and out

4. there are pet class specific spell icons created years ago ( you can find them in the daoc files) currently all pet classes use the hunter/druid pet icons. this includes heal\ and buff icons.

5.painworking necros spec insta aoe dot and baseline storm aoe dot share the same icon, it would be nice if one these had a differnt icon

6.the aoe lifetap for spiritmasters is missing a "aoe" signifier on the spell icon

7. Vendo form curent icon looks stupid, there is the proper icon in daoc files ( its a shield with a bearpaw on it)

thats all i can think right now off the top of my head


  • Withdraw is spelled wihtdraw on the consignment merchants. How about THAT one!
  • thats a sharp eye
  • On point 7. mine's correct, using DeridasUI. However point 2. still applies :/

    Nother one: realm buff npcs often give only 1 resist buff instead of 2 when turning in a "full resist"-token. No pattern as far as i can tell.

  • Pets cant path across the EV CK bridge (to the first door). EV CK in general is bad for pet pathing.

    EV CK Guards can hit you at bugganes above through the mountain.

    Sometime terrain doesn't load until you walk on it (black terrain).

    You can't delete the 200MB intro movie. The patcher re-downloads it.

  • There is a bug with vanish, sometimes u vanish then keep guards or pets still rush you...
    Keep guards hit true wall when u rise in the keep...
  • If I type something here but decide not to post it it will always still be here in the chat field, undeletable.
  • Bainshee Ethereal Shreik DD has no sound to the animation.
  • Using mezz-poison (as assassin) while dualwielding will break style-chains if your offhand swings (the offhand fumbles, to avoid instantly breaking mezz, but this also breaks the style-chain, so any follow-up to your last used style is not available).
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    The fact that assasin mezz poision exists at all is a bug and needs to be fixed aka removed.
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  • Sym wrote: »
    The fact that assasin mezz poision exists at all is a bug and needs to be fixed aka removed.

    This thread is for minor bugs. Not major game breaking sh*t like assassins mez poison.
  • Listing bugs is great and welcome, but keep it on topic and civil please
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    Please fix the bug with pets in keeps!
    Every Animist in Game buguses his Mainpet into keeps (just need line of sight and then do ATTACK-command. Once the pet is in the keep and get killed, the anmist just has to make a new pet...this pet will again get in a closed keep and attak the player inside. Very bad...and the pets are hard to kill... Free-RPS for the animist. Same with druid-pets and bd-pets. Pathfining of pets is horrible bugged...specialy on EV.
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  • Shaman purifying reconstruction (cure all ) dont cure nearsight anymore ..
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    And dont curse poison too .
  • Thanes banishing blows sometimes won't fire and requires multiple readd to the hot bar. Same for the Valks buff.
    How about the ram on door bug? That needs to be fixed like now!
    Placing pets on attack inside keep walls into Lord's rooms all the while healing them is BS.
    Placing a ram sideways so a full group can stand on it and nuke through windows.....
    Shamans cure all spell isn't working like it should, previously mentioned.
    I've heard phase shift is broke to???
    All cc seems to have no immunity now. Mezz, stun, root all can be just recaste and stuck nonstop. This needs to be looked into.
  • Please fix the shaman purifying reconstruction ... shaman have a tons of spell to use , and the main cure/health spells dont work .... its really really annoying .
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    Shaman spell worked fine last time I checked. Will not cure ns unless you’re damaged though.
  • In group and mini-group Nearsight effect isn't showed anymore. I tested different UI included Atlantis and using two different PCs.
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    @Heki Not exactly the same, but I find for me it shows up on my Healer Helper box using GhostUI.

    Can't speak to the mini/large grp.
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  • @Heki works fine for DeridasUI

    Sometimes when i use guild house Portal stone i get dropped somewhere in hz but not in front of my guilds house. House is on Ywain1 while my toons are all on Ywain10. Im not sure if its the same House lot tbh.

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