Small man advice

A few of my friends and i have recently returned after 6 years of not playing. My friends and i have been attempting to small man in nf and it hasnt been going well. We either find nothing , a random solo, or a fg+. Is there places we can go or tactics to try that will make this better, or is this an unrealistic expectation. Thanks for any advice


  • Which realm?
    I've had great success in a small man following and picking off the slower people in the enemy zerg.
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  • Mid. where do zerg even go now? I play from 10pm- 2am est and it seems kinda dead
  • That's a tough time. Hib runs sometimes, Alb has a zerg but I don't know if they do much roaming at that time.
    Dreamscape 12Lx Dark Lotus
  • Ok this is what we do when we small man use the labyrinth as a way to switch realms fast hit up mazes and hit up the doppelgänger routes make sure your small man team is viable.
    If your not concerned about playing a particular realm mid and hib are easier to run small mainly because of utility.
    Hit solo zones swim around island come in and hit tower areas and mile walls and docks up to the small quest area.
    Try include some sort of a stealth detection class in small man farm stealthers around mile wall safe path.
    Important to hit and run fast.
    Make sure you got a temp and a voice com
    Keep your map up look for flames break keeps ports take a tower claim it then see how many attack it then hit if numbers are acceptable.
    Avoid zergs but try to kill any stragglers most Zerg leaders are predictable you will get to know there routes.
    Most important when you pick small man setup try to get a consistent setup that works with people who know there job .
    You will have great fights if you get it right you can kill numbers much greater than your small and have a lot of fun as that’s my ten cents don’t give up it’s a learning curve but a very fun one.
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