DAoC stats and figures - 2017-18 (a year, or 10 weeks, in retrospect)

I've been collecting data from Vanesyra's site - Excidio - for over two years now, and I has news.

Active RvR population over the last ten weeks has increased against 2017 figures. In the last two weeks, the active RvR population has been at least 20% up on the same time year, and the average over the last ten weeks is up 6.2% on last year.

In May 2017, the population was so low that a Come Back to Camelot campaign was launched - so we may see the 2018 figures drop below the 2017 figure in a month or so, but for now, the DAoC population is looking slightly, dare I say, healthier than it has for a long time.

N.B. this is based on characters that have earned at least 1 realm point in a week; I do not have access to numbers of active accounts. Anyway, full graphs and stats below


The next graph shows the proportion of characters, kills, and deathblows held by each realm over the last 52 weeks.


And this one is a cheap one-off graph I've done showing the ratio of kills to deathblows - the higher the number, the more people involved in each kill. I call this a zerg rating.


Okay - onto realm profiles for the last ten weeks. This shouldn't surprise anyone who plays the game - maulers are generally the least played character, although those that are played tend to make a lot of realm points (particularly on Hibernia). Meanwhile, Bainshees are probably the biggest outlier on the bottom end - with very few played and earning rather few realm points. Meanwhile, on the other end, the main heal and cc classes dominate (Healers, Bards, Clerics, Druids, and Sorcs).

I'm hoping these graphs fit in this tiny post window...













Alrighty, that's me done. But I plan to do some more analysis of solo players when I get some time again...

Happy to explain the graphs above if people have trouble understanding them. Should I cross-post to Postcount???!


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