Upscaled ui for 1920*1080

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I just started to play daoc and right after i logged in, i realized i cant play with that ui. I am a bit older and my eyes arent the best. So i logged of, took an custom ui, which was better, but still to small.

So i decided to take an custom ui and started to resize the stuff and modded what i dont like to something i like.

The first result is now done. Since i didnt play daoc, i couldnt test some stuff like .. cough.. grouping (i never really left mag mell).. or RVR.. It should work, the windows do atleast, but i really could need some feedback on that ui.

The first draft can be downloaded here :

Just RENAME your custom folder to something else and copy the custom folder in that zip into your ui folder. If you dont like what you see, delete my ui and just rename your own custom ui back to "custom".

I also upscaled the maps to 512*512 for the maps in villages and stuff and 1024*1024 for the zone maps.

Some things CANT be done. The inventory is hardcoded, the locations of the keeps, towers and stuff in the rvr zones are hardcoded. I can upscale rvr maps but the keeps/towers wont be at the correct locations. I cant do anything about the inventory - hardcoded is hardcoded. The Devs need to change that.

Some other stuff is hardcoded also, if you open the social window you will see listviews. I can change the font, but i cant change the size of the tabs - if i upscale the fonts letters will be cut off. There are some other issues also, regarding fonts and how they are displayed (that drove me nuts...)

Anyway, if you want, please test that ui and give some feedback, please :)

Best Regards,

edit: Most of the time, while i am online, you can reach me on discord in the general channel.
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