Help getting back into this game

Hi all
I played this 2001 - 2005, just now started again. Anyone have some links to sites or vids that can help me learn how to even talk to these bots on the first parts of this game?

Much appreciated in advance



  • Realm? toons? playstyle? all would help.
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    Plenty of guides on you tube obelisk did some great guides on you have daoc utils for templates these forums have some giiides as well if not ask in game I’m sure people will help.
    And welcome back to the game
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  • Welcome back! probably most important thing would be to seek the king in the throne room in the capital city to get you a decent (Free/insta) template. Then join BG's every weekend for Curse/OW, etc. There are daily quests you can get in the relic towns (if you say uppland/castle sauvage/cruachan gorge to a porter, that's where it sends you). Those give BPS. Bounty Points is what you can use now to craft high end gear and get other things.

    Merchants should be back in game hopefully in a week, if you need infernal sleeves or anything else. The 12 days of christmas also give good stuff. EU and US nightly zergs if you like that. Solo towns in Odins/Hadrians/Emain, and the mazes all are decent for solo action if thats more your style. Agramon (now EV) is a crap shoot in my opinion as to whether it will work for 8man (if no zergs) or solo (if no small man/8man).
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