Over the past 15 years or so there have been official boards, I hoped this one would be better.

I started playing DAoC shortly after it came out. My son got me to play the game and about 3 years later he stopped playing. I have more patience than him and stayed much longer.

I used to visit the old boards and stopped many years ago because most of the people there were what I called whiners, and unfortunately Mythic nerfed classes according to what the whiners, a vast minority, wanted. The first topic I looked at today, Unanswered bug abuse on EV, has a whiner, his board name is Sym and part of his post said, quote, "Holy crap can we just remove archers from the game?"

I do not mind what class people discuss, just remember that whiners do not rule this game, or should not. Unfortunately Mythic listened to the whiners and nerfed many abilities on classes and the result has been almost everyone that played the game from 2001 to 2003 have left and now the population very low.

Nerfing classes repeatedly to appease the whiners has nearly destroyed the overall population count.

Please remember that most players do not whine and many of the regular players, non-whiners, are not a vociferous as whiners. Like the old adage says, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Please disregard what the whiners say, appeasing them has nearly destroyed this game.

The game World of Warcraft yielded many billions of dollars and only relatively recently began to lose their customer base. I do not like WoW because is is nothing but a gear chasing game.

Please cater to the vast majority of players, many of whom do not post in the forums. We are often the silent majority. I have put up with nerf after nerf. My Alb Scout used to be my favorite character, however that class has been nerfed to the point of nearly being useless compared to what he used to be.

I will give you a short example.

Many years ago I was in Midgard at a tower and our group attacked a tower. I did not get inside quickly enough and was left outside, so I supported our group against the large Mid horde that quickly showed up, the best I could out side. There were many more Mids than Albs and it was a losing cause for us, however that did not mean I could simply save my own skin and leave them.

Finally two Mid quasi tanks spotted and attacked me with sword and board, I cannot remember what class they were it has been to many years ago. I used to have an ability, using endurance, that would block almost anything but I could not attack while using it. I would time the swings and drop that ability to get a sword swing in then put the ability back up, they were doing so little damage and the damage they did was countered by the Mythirian I had on. A Scout could not do much damage with a sword and it was taking a lot of time to kill one of the tanks, however, he was slowly dying. I planned to kill one at a time while both beat on me. I was backing up the entire time, to get distance away from the tower and all of those Mids.

As I was backing up one tank stopped and I figured he was texting to his Mid group, and in short order, here they came, several casters and they burned me to the ground.

I could have slammed them both and ran, especially when one tank actually stopped, I could have slammed the remaining tank, and ran off and stealth like a good little Scout.

It is most likely that at least one person whined on the Mythic whiner board because after that, that ability to block nearly everything was heavily nerfed and became worthless. In addition the shield block rate was heavily nerfed, then the slam timer was nerfed to 5 seconds, nearly worthless. Scouts suffered nerf after nerf after nerf, ad nauseam, and that was just shield related nerfs, there were nerfs other than shield related.

In the above fight all one tank had to do was run through me and slam me in the back and the fight would have been over. I cannot help it if people do not understand how to play the game. Unfortunately those people that get in trouble because they do not learn or understand their abilities is their fault, not mine.

None the less, Scouts were nerfed into near oblivion in RvR, so, I stopped playing my Scout in RvR and recently started playing Hib classes. I might play some Midgard to see how well they do. If I cannot find a class I like I will be forced to remove this game from my computer, again.

Currently, the biggest reason for me to stay in the game is our guild that uses a voice program, not the enjoyment the game brings.

In large part high RR and the best gear make a player, and not the other way around, the class used to be the most important factor. Unfortunately this game is going the way of WoW and they have lost millions of players and no longer list how many active players they have, and their game has been a gear chasing game. Please learn from them.

Listening to whiners, making classes bland and high RR and the best gear make or break a class is not a formula for keeping the game alive another 10 years. Blizzard is finding that out the hard way.

This is my first post in many years. Please remove nerfs, give back once had abilities and let classes be important once again. Thank you for listening.


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    Nice post. I don’t think they use the boards to determine class balance . They rely heavily on a small group of “Daoc Knights, team leads and friends” to make these decisions. They also review feedback form as well as top class stats.

    Some of my posts are in jest, but when I see a screenshot of a FG scouts, I just can’t help but lol.

    We did stealth lore farm all of the sneaks last night which made me happy...

    Also, scouts can still use engage so not sure what was changed.

    The fact that as a stealther you were able to hold your own against two tanks, makes me think that scouts are just fine.
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  • To be honest, your post is one big whine...

    - Balance isn't done based on whining and never has been.
    - Stuff like "engage", "9 sec slam" and so on was far to powerful and needed to be addressed.
    - Your points on WoW are wrong. Blizzard is actually doing pretty good for casual costumers and raiders. Only messing up with the high mythic tier raiding people.

    DAoC biggest player lost was because of their refusing to react faster on exactly that kind of balance issues. In the SI - TOA and Warlock era. You need to nerf stuff that is so far off from being balanced. That will cost you more customers then anything else. So the short version... get over it.. a game that is not changing anymore is dead. And exactly that is what we need asap, a class and realm balance patch.
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  • To be honest, your post is one big whine...

    Hmm...very inclusive of you in a game that is suffering horribly from player loss.

    Thanks for sharing.
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