Best looking cloak

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Dragonsworn Zomg!

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Symfriar (Friar duh)
Symsorc (Double duh)
Sympets (Theurg)
Symmond (Arms)
Some random mids and hibs


  • The cloaks that we had back in 2002/2003...just a simple looking cloak where you can see the guild emblem ;)

    I don`t need this blinky blinky crap.
  • I'm with Stoertebecker. The new cloaks are designed in such a way that they look goofy with guild emblems on them or with certaint colors due to the way it all interacts with the dyes.

    The original cloaks and the subtle decorations on them were the best. Class cloaks are all a bit ugly to me so far.
  • I can't decide if the heretic class cloak looks acceptable with my guild emblem on it or not.
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  • Defenders cloaks, quest rewards of the "lost relics"-quest in hib. They have no hoods but collars instead. Nobody uses them since TOA bc everybody wanted SoM, cloudsong or whatever.

  • Best looking? /cloak off. I'm mostly on Mid playing a Valkyn and cloaks look terrible on them unless you have the hood up. How am I going to rock my sweet wolf helm if I have my hood up?

    On a different race... I think the Astral cloaks look very good... emblem or not.
  • Any cloak looks awesome, if I'm wearing it
  • U still upset u lost to my skad 1-1
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